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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get into the union?

When you are employed with a company that has an established collective bargaining agreement with Local One you will be required to fill out an application to join the union. The application can be provided by your employer or by calling the Union. If your company does not have a contract with Local One, and if you are interested in becoming a member and want union representation, contact us at 212-460-0800 or toll-free at 1-800-LITHO-74 (1-800-548-4674).


What can Local One do for me? Why should I join Local One?

As a member of Local One, your job is protected by a union contract. Local One negotiates guaranteed raises and benefits that will keep you and your family secure. You will have more job security and cannot be fired without cause. The union ensures your voice in the work place.


How much does it cost to join Local One and how much are my union dues?

There are no initiation fees for newly organized shops. Monthly union dues are $12/month for journeymen and $8/month for general workers and tenders. In 2011 the dues were increased  for the first time in over 50 years.

Assessments are just 1% of total hours worked. (For example, $45K annual salary = $450/year assessment into the general fund). This assessment provides all members with up to 26 weeks of supplemental unemployment in addition to state unemployment.


What if I was already a Teamster member with another local?

You will be eligible to transfer from one local to another by submitting a Travel Card in addition to your application when joining Local One.


Must I continue to pay dues if I no longer work for a Teamster employer?

You can sign up for Direct Pay and continue paying your monthly dues, or request a withdrawal card. A withdrawal card must be requested in writing; dues must be current. A withdrawal freezes your Union dues and puts you in an inactive member status until such time when you resume employment as a Teamster.